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Pneumatic silo for pellet storage in Portugal

Pneumatic silo for pellet storage in Portugal

The installation of a pneumatic loading silo for the storage of pellets in Portugal is currently being completed.

This silo, designed to optimize solid fuel management, is equipped with advanced features that guarantee efficient performance and optimal pellet conservation. It includes level detectors that allow precise control of the content, as well as all the connections and accessories necessary for a smooth integration into the system.

One of the outstanding components of this silo is its plastic screen with a metal gate, which provides an effective barrier against humidity and helps maintain the quality of the pellet during amortization. This carefully elaborated design demonstrates an integral focus on the preservation of the fuel, ensuring that it is in ideal conditions when it is required to use it.

In addition, the silo is equipped with a gear motor to discharge into the hopper that feeds the boiler.

The storage of pellets in metallic silos has proven to be an efficient and practical option to maintain this solid fuel in optimal conditions. The capacity to maintain the pellet in a controlled environment guarantees its quality and efficiency as a source of renewable energy. In addition, the installation of a pneumatic loading silo not only improves the logistics of the storage but also facilitates the handling and transportation of the pellet when it is needed for the generation of energy.

In summary, the installation of this pneumatic loading silo in Portugal represents a significant step toward the implementation of advanced solutions for pellet storage. With its integral design and avant-garde technology, it is expected to contribute substantially to operational efficiency and sustainability in the use of pellets as a source of energy for the client.

Source: Email/GFMM

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