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Rice Processing Is Closely Related To People's Lives

Rice Processing Is Closely Related To People's Lives

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Rice is one of the most important grains in the world, and its processing status is directly related to people's health and lives. To improve the quality and yield of rice, rice processing machinery came into being. This paper will introduce the relevant knowledge of rice processing machinery.

Rice processing machinery is composed of several machinery systems, mainly including removing impurities machines, peeling machines, threshers, screening machines, rice grinding machines, polishing machines and so on. The functions of these machines are described below:

Removing impurities machine: remove impurities such as stones and weeds in the rice to meet the requirements of subsequent processing steps;

Peeling machine: Removing the husk of rice for future threshing steps;

Thresher: the grain in the rice is separated from the shell, and the loose debris will be screened in the screen machine at the back, to obtain high-quality rice;

Screening machine: the threshed rice is screened to distinguish different sizes of rice;

Rice mill: grinding the rice after screening to obtain rice;

Polishing machine: polishing the freshly ground rice to make it more shiny and taste better.

The operation of the rice processing machinery of the above workflow needs to ensure that the rice is dry, has no moisture, and has a normal processing temperature (generally not more than 90 degrees). In addition, the process of processing rice machinery should always ensure that the machinery and equipment are clean and sanitary, without weeds and other foreign bodies.

Finally, the rice produced by rice processing machinery also needs to be graded, packaged, quality inspection and other procedures to ensure the stability and reliability of rice quality. These are usually carefully managed by professional personnel to ensure that the quality of rice and food hygiene quality is up to standard.

In summary, rice processing rice machinery is a series of collaborative mechanical equipment that can separate high-quality, nutritious white rice from rice, and through the final packaging and other processes, once again bring people a safe, healthy delicious.

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